What is sleep apnea?

Uninterrupted, restful sleep is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you snore audibly, wake up wheezing or short of breath, or feel fatigued throughout the day, you may unknowingly have sleep apnea. This condition impacts 30% of the population, but a shocking 95% of people with sleep apnea never actually receive a diagnosis.

Sleep apnea drastically impacts your quality of life and has even been found to reduce one’s life expectancy if not treated properly. Thankfully, Dr. Amin Samadian and his highly experienced team provide specialized sleep apnea treatments to patients in the San Francisco and East Bay areas. As part of their commitment to providing world-class comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Samadian and his team can effectively relieve your sleep apnea and help you rest well at night.

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When Sleep Apnea Disrupts Your Life

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (also known as OSA) is a common disorder that impacts 2% to 4% of the adult population. It occurs when the tongue and soft palate slip to the back of the throat, obstructing the airway during sleep.

This causes difficulty breathing by interrupting your oxygen intake, resulting in disrupted sleep and a negative overall impact on your quality of life. Overweight or obese men with thicker necks who smoke or experience nasal congestion typically experience a higher risk of developing this disease.

Individuals with sleep apnea can sometimes wake 50 or more times per hour—at a rate of almost once per minute—without having any recollection of it the next day. Known as micro-arousals, these awakenings are disruptive and prevent you from getting the deep sleep you need in order to feel rested and refreshed the following day.

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Am I a candidate for sleep apnea treatment? 

If you are living with sleep apnea, it’s crucial to address the issue as quickly as possible. Whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe case, you should see a doctor and consider treatment immediately. Doing so can decrease your risk of serious future health complications like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, while also helping to address issues like: 

  • Sleepiness
  • Fatigue throughout the day
  • Morning headaches
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mood changes
  • Extremely dry or sore throat
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Integrated Art, Science, and Technology

Assessing Your Issue with Precision

Your first step towards a treatment plan will involve properly diagnosing your sleep apnea. Clinical sleep studies can be expensive and uncomfortable, so Dr. Amin Samadian offers his patients the luxury of an at-home sleep study with a sleep apnea machine that observes your breathing.

Sleep bruxism, or nocturnal teeth grinding, can also be diagnosed with this home sleep study, which provides Dr. Samadian with a full-length, detailed report on your sleeping issues and helps him design a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

The CPAP Machine

The conventional sleep apnea treatment is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machine, which raises the air pressure in your throat to prevent your airway from collapsing each time you inhale. Since some of his patients often request an alternative to this treatment for a variety of reasons, Dr. Samadian is proud to offer a number of additional modalities to effectively address sleep apnea. 

Customized Oral Appliances

Dr. Samadian often recommends customized oral appliances, which are comfortable, sleek, and efficient, to treat sleep apnea. These work by shifting your jaw forward to hold your airway open while you sleep, stopping your tongue from falling to the back of your throat.

Once Dr. Samadian has assessed your unique situation with an airway analysis with a highly advanced dental cone beam CT, he can suggest the ideal appliance for your particular needs. Your appliance will then be custom-designed for your mouth, utilizing Dr. Samadian's impressive artistic inclination.

If you have a severe case of sleep apnea, Dr. Amin Samadian may prescribe an oral appliance in addition to the use of a CPAP machine, enabling you to reduce the settings of your CPAP machine, and preventing you from having to deal with the trouble of using it on higher settings.

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Oral Appliance vs. The CPAP Machine

  • Less restrictive: Oral appliance can be custom designed, and will sit on your teeth like a sports mouthguard, for a comfortable fit that doesn't cover your face.
  • Easier to use: Oral appliances don't need to be plugged in, making them an attractive option for patients who lead a busy or active lifestyle.
  • Easier to transport: If you travel often, you’ll love how to portable oral appliances are. They can be carried in a small bag or purse with no issues.

Mouth Guards and Other Alternatives

For mild cases of sleep apnea, particularly those involving bruxism, a mouth guard similar to a clear aligner may be the right solution for you. Wearing a nighttime mouth guard can tilt your jaw, keeping it in an ideal position for breathing, so you can get a good night’s rest. BOTOX injections are another treatment option for mild cases of sleep apnea.

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Reclaim Your Restful Night’s Sleep

If you think sleep apnea might be preventing you from getting the restful, rejuvenating sleep you deserve, Dr. Samadian and his team are here to help. Whether you’ve already diagnosed the issue or not, Dr. Samadian can resolve your issues and enable you to regain your full quality of life.

Sleep apnea treatments in San Francisco are just one part of Dr. Samadian's commitment to comprehensive advanced dentistry. By focusing on preventative, proactive dental care, Dr. Samadian and his team have earned a reputation for world-class results, and are excited to learn how they can help you enjoy your ideal smile.

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A Comfortable Pathway to Restored Sleep

Sleep apnea treatment involves no pain, and many patients actually report their oral appliances to be quite comfortable. Some even forget they are wearing them, making them a great alternative to CPAP machines, which are known to cause discomfort to sleep apnea patients. During your consultation, Dr. Samadian will help you consider your options and pick the treatment that best addresses your issues.

Sleep Well, Feel Great

By undergoing sleep apnea treatment in East Bay with Dr. Samadian, you can expect a reduction in your symptoms, improved sleeping habits, and most importantly, a higher quality of life. Airway blockage treatment thanks to a CPAP machine or a customized mouthpiece may be just what you need to reclaim the refreshing sleep you deserve, and Dr. Samadian is excited to unite you with the dental care you need.

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