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If you think you may have one or more cavities, it’s imperative that you catch the issue early on. Making sure to spot this type of dental problem can be the key to preventing it from becoming much more serious, at which point a more complicated treatment like a root canal or extraction might become necessary.

Dental fillings with Dr. Samadian and his highly experienced team enable you to address cavities early on, restoring your full sense of oral health and enabling you to avoid painful dental issues down the line.

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How Do I Know I Need Dental Fillings?

Regular dental checkups are vital, as they give Dr. Samadian the chance to spot issues like cavities before they even start to cause any noticeable pain. By performing dental x-rays or a cone beam CT scan, Dr. Samadian and his team will be able to spot cavities and fix them with dental fillings before they’re able to seriously damage your teeth.

Tooth pain, visible decay, or problems with the gums can also indicate that cavities may be present. If you’re experiencing these types of dental discomfort, it’s best to proactively have the area checked, so you can avoid the potential for serious oral issues.

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If you’re in the San Francisco or East Bay areas and you’re interested in learning more about dental fillings with Dr. Samadian, reach out and set up your consultation today.

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Proactive Dental Care with Dr. Samadian

If you’re worried that you may be dealing with cavities or tooth decay, it’s best not to wait. Dr. Samadian and his team utilize advanced imaging technology to isolate dental issues before they get the chance to become serious, enabling you to avoid painful procedures.

Reach out and set up your consultation today, and learn more about how Dr. Samadian is providing patients in the East Bay and San Francisco areas with the most advanced dental care available.

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What Does a Filling Involve?

When the hard tissues on the outside of your teeth start to break down, the resulting decay can cause a cavity that requires a dental filling to correct. While some cavities are visible to the naked eye, others might need to be spotted with the use of an x-ray or cone beam CT Scan.

Once tooth decay has been detected, Dr. Samadian and his team will anesthetize the area. Then all the decay will be fully cleared away with the use of highly advanced laser technology. This enables Dr. Samadian to keep your procedure as comfortable as possible.

When the area is cleaned and sufficiently prepared, Dr. Samadian will then fill in the cavity with a filling of your choosing, that accurately matches your mouth’s tooth coloring. It will then be perfected to align with your natural bite.

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