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Gum disease and bone tissue loss can both cause serious problems and negatively impact your overall sense of oral health. In cases where multiple teeth are missing, bone resorption can cause a loss of bone tissue that prevents the placement of bridges or implants that would restore your functional bite. Gum disease or tissue loss can also lead to advanced oral problems, while similarly impacting your ability to undergo the treatments necessary to properly restore your dental well-being.

Dr. Amin Samadian and his team are proud to offer stem cell therapy, which enables the effective regeneration of both bone and gum tissue. This impressive treatment can rehabilitate your mouth in a way that allows you to receive procedures necessary to restore your sense of oral health. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Samadian today.

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When to Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Gum and bone regeneration is primarily necessary when either one has been lost to a degree that prevents you from receiving the care that you need. This often happens as a result of missing teeth or gum disease.

Periodontitis is a type of gum disease that can have a significantly destructive impact on your gum tissue, causing it to recede away from your teeth. Over time, this gum loss can contribute to more advanced forms of oral disease.

This type of gum disease can also damage your bone tissues. Similarly, missing teeth can lead to bone resorption, which prevents your jaw from being able to receive implants or bridges. In cases like these, stem cell therapy can effectively regenerate gum or bone tissue.

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How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Dr. Samadian can utilize a variety of treatment modalities to encourage the regeneration of both bone and gum tissue. During your consultation, he will get to know the dental issues that brought you to him and work with you to choose the treatment that will most effectively address your problems.


Mucoderm® and Fibro-Guide® both serve as effective alternatives to a tissue transplant. These “collagen matrix” biomaterials work by encouraging your body to naturally produce collagen, regenerating the soft tissues that comprise your healthy gums.


By drawing a small sample of your blood, Dr. Samadian and his team can extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). Loaded with regenerative compounds and growth factors, they work to encourage tissue regeneration.

Bone Grafting

The bone grafting procedure enables Dr. Samadian to restore bone loss or resorption and prepare the treatment area for a successful implant procedure. This is ideal for patients who have lost multiple teeth or experienced severe gum disease.

Nd:YAG Laser

Variable pulsed laser technology enables Dr. Samadian to offer a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum surgeries. By encouraging your body to naturally regrow gum and bone tissue, laser therapy yields impressive results with a minimal recovery period. 


This enamel cell matrix (also known as an “EMD”) harnesses the power of natural growth factors that encourage your body to regenerate important tissue and bone structures. This enables you to receive vital implants and restore your functional bite.

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If you’re worried that gum disease or missing teeth might prevent you from receiving the care you need, Dr. Samadian is here to help. By utilizing advanced technology and focusing on dental techniques that emphasize comfort and relaxation, Dr. Samadian and his team are able to eliminate anxiety from the equation so you can receive the required treatment. If you’re in the San Francisco or East Bay areas, reach out and set up your consultation today.

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