Bringing Comprehensive Dentistry to San Francisco

Years of experience and extensive research have enabled Dr. Amin Samadian to spend the majority of the last decade developing his comprehensive treatment model, while offering minimally invasive and bio-mimetic dentistry at the highest and most accurate levels to patients at his Orinda location in the East Bay.

Now, Dr. Samadian and his team are proud to be bringing that same level of dental excellence to patients in the San Francisco area. Situated at the historic 450 Sutter Street location, Dr. Samadian’s San Francisco office is nestled between the city’s Financial and Theater Districts. Local patients will be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of choosing between Dr. Samadian's East Bay and San Francisco locations, while out-of-town patients can enjoy having their dental work done in one of the world’s most incredible and fabled cities. If you’re ready to learn more, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Samadian today!

Cutting-Edge Technology for Exceptional Comfort

Dr. Samadian and his team are proud to have outfitted his San Francisco office with the most cutting-edge technology available. This enables you to enjoy a practically un-matched level of comfort, thanks to Dr. Samadian's commitment to techniques that keep patients relaxed and effectively minimize pain. Read below to learn more about the next-generation technology that Dr. Samadian will use to keep you relaxed and comfortable, and reach out to set up your consultation when you're ready to take those next steps to complete oral health.

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Creating Your Same-Day Smile

Thanks to a combination of Cone Beam CT scan imaging and a method of robotic implant placement method that visualizes the patient’s jaw, Dr. Samadian is able to offer an unparalleled level of accuracy when placing implants.

Navigational implant placement is an advanced procedure that isn't performed by a high number of dentists, which means that Dr. Samadian's patients get to enjoy an added peace of mind.

An in-house lab enables Dr. Samadian and his team to quickly and efficiently mill same-day crowns or same-day veneers, so you can avoid the need to schedule multiple visits and enjoy full smile rehabilitation in the space of a single day.

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Samadian Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry

Biomimetic Digital Smile Design

Our in-house lab enables us to create custom-colored, full-porcelain crowns and veneers in the span of a single day, while advanced Laser gum shaping allows Dr. Samadian to quickly and painlessly complete procedures like the smile makeover and full-mouth reconstruction.

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digital teeth

digital teeth

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Enjoy Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Amin Samadian is committed to setting new standards in the world of dental care. For years now, he has dedicated himself to treatments that keep his patients comfortable and relaxed, eliminating dental anxiety from the equation as thoroughly as possible.

Dr. Samadian and his team are proud to be among the most highly sought-after practitioners in the San Francisco and East Bay areas. Don't hesitate, as appointments are limited. Reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Samadian today, and take your first steps towards comprehensive dental well-being.

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Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

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iTero Scanner

This scanner allows Dr. Samadian's team to more accurately keep an eye on issues like tooth wear, gum recessions, bite imbalances, and other orthodontic discrepancies that might contribute to advanced dental aging. Viewable simulations can even help patients understand how a bite adjustment can improve both oral function and aesthetics.

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In addition to being among the most advanced lasers available on the market, Periolase is the only laser system that has been FDA-approved for bone regeneration. Using Periolase, Dr. Samadian and his team are able to offer the LANAP gum surgery, which is also sometimes referred to as "LASIK" for the gums.

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Cone Beam CT Scan

Using Cone beam CT scan technology, Dr. Samadian can go a step beyond traditional x-ray imaging, detecting pathologies that can be challenging to locate in the hard tissues of the head and neck. Thanks to high-resolution, fully three-dimensional imaging, Dr. Samadian and his team can exercise an elevated level of precision, and spot issues that might otherwise be difficult to diagnose.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention Planning Under One Roof

Not only does Dr. Amin Samadian bring an impressive level of experience and exhaustive training to each and every procedure he performs, but he supplements all of this skill and knowledge with a commitment to the most advanced technology available. By utilizing next-generation tools and the most cutting-edge equipment, Dr. Samadian is able to offer an unparalleled level of advanced dental care, with minimally invasive treatments and significantly reduced recovery periods.

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Treating patients throughout San Francisco & East Bay. Dr. Samadian specializes in treatments such as smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, digital reconstructions, aesthetic dentistry, and dental implants. Focusing on regeneration and restoring tooth structure, bone loss, and gum recession utilizing the latest LANAP laser technology.

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