Patient 1

In this particular case, we employed immediate extraction and a temporary implant crown to sculpt the patient’s gum tissue. This process happens in a single visit where the tooth comes out and the dental implant and bone graft is placed, and the temporary implant supported crown goes over the implant. In 6 months our patient will receive his final porcelain crown in place of the temporary for ultimate aesthetics.

Individual results may vary.

Patient 2

Sometimes your dental needs can't wait! 🦷 Our patient came in with a need for emergency same-day crowns. They had trauma and broke a tooth, so we gave them two temporary crowns to address the problem as quickly as possible. Our patient will receive their final porcelain crowns soon for perfect aesthetics. 👌⁠
Dr. Samadian's top-of-the-line skill and eye for detail ensure our patient's smiles look as natural as the one they're born with, if not more so! When assessing a patient, Dr. Samadian and our team look not only at the teeth that need to be replaced, but the entire mouth - including the bite, bone support, and gum coverage. With a proprietary blend of advanced dentistry and proactive solutions, Dr. Samadian can restore your bite with a set of custom-milled and perfectly integrated dental replacements. 👏⁠

Individual results may vary.

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Treating patients throughout San Francisco & East Bay. Dr. Samadian specializes in treatments such as smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, digital reconstructions, aesthetic dentistry, and dental implants. Focusing on regeneration and restoring tooth structure, bone loss, and gum recession utilizing the latest LANAP laser technology.

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