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If you’re struggling with gum recession, soft tissue grafting can be a great treatment option for you. Gum recession is usually the consequence of aging, forceful brushing, periodontal disease, or tooth positioning, and if left untreated it can lead to tooth-root exposure. This can even go on to cause further health concerns down the road. 

With soft tissue grafting, Dr. Amin Samadian and his team can mask your exposed tooth root or reinforce your existing gum tissue to prevent additional tissue loss. If you’re in the San Francisco or East Bay areas, reach out and set up your consultation to learn more.

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What Is Soft Tissue Grafting?

Gum grafting involves the surgical transfer of soft tissue from one section of your mouth to another. It is designed to improve areas of your smile that have suffered from gum recession, which can lessen your levels of sensitivity and oral discomfort.

Soft tissue grafting is also vital for the preservation of your continued oral health. Receding gum tissue can lead to tooth loss and other serious dental issues, making it vital to address gum recession as early as possible.

Dr. Samadian and his team will employ advanced artificial grafting techniques, utilizing biomaterials or tissues harvested from the roof of your own mouth, so you can enjoy a much faster and greatly simplified healing process.

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Reasons for Soft Tissue Grafting

There are a number of reasons Dr. Samadian and his team may suggest soft tissue grafting. In most cases, acting quickly to reverse the gum recession process is the best way to proactively prevent serious gum disease or oral health issues. Since root exposure can lead to tooth loss, it is also critical to quickly and effectively address any problems related to your gums as soon as possible. Soft tissue grafting enables you to reverse any tissue loss that may have occurred, restoring your healthy gum line and eliminating the presence of inflamed or diseased tissues that may be causing you pain or discomfort. The procedure also has its cosmetic benefits, as well. For patients that are concerned about the appearance of an imbalanced tooth-to-gum ratio, gum grafting can work to resolve a “toothy” appearance in your mouth, enabling you to enjoy your ideal smile while also working to halt critical tissue and bone loss.

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Dr. Samadian's Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques

Soft tissue grafting is a highly effective way to halt the onset of gum tissue recession and avoid more serious oral health issues that can develop in the future as a result. During your consultation, Dr. Samadian will get to know your specific dental issues and will choose the surgical technique that is right for you. Before your procedure begins, he and his team will explain what you can expect from your recovery period, and you'll be given detailed aftercare instructions.

Connective Tissue Graft

Before the procedure, the areas above and below your gum line will be deeply cleaned, to clear your teeth and roots of tartar. During the procedure, Dr. Samadian and his team carefully remove tissue from your mouth's palate or a donor source. Then, a small incision will cover the exposed root and tissue grafts will be used to cover the recession.

Free Gingival Graft

The free gingival graft procedure is very similar to the connective tissue graft. The main difference is that the free gingival graft utilizes tissues taken directly from the palate of the mouth. Sutures will be used to attach this tissue to your existing gums, enabling Dr. Samadian to expertly augment your gumline and resolve your issues.

The Tunneling Technique

This minimally invasive technique reduces your recovery time by eliminating the need for any kind of incision. By tunneling under your gum tissues, Dr. Samadian and his team can create sufficient space to accommodate the placement of grafting materials. Tissue between the teeth will be left fully intact and Dr. Samadian will provide you with aftercare instructions.

Enjoy Healthy Gums and a Glowing Smile

Since Dr. Samadian and his team usually perform soft tissue grafting under local anesthesia, you can anticipate no pain or discomfort during your treatment. After gum grafting, you will experience significantly decreased tooth sensitivity and a notably enhanced sense of symmetry in your smile. This procedure also helps to correct an imbalanced tooth-to-gum ratio.

In addition, you’ll have effectively halted any additional tissue loss, protecting your sense of oral health and avoiding future issues. If you're located in the East Bay or San Francisco areas, and you're concerned that the presence of gum disease has caused significant tissue loss, Dr. Samadian and his expert team are here to help. Reach out and set up your consultation today.

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