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Dr. Amin Samadian ceaselessly pushes the cutting edge of advanced dentistry, and with the comprehensive Smile Makeover treatment, his team can offer patients in the San Francisco and East Bay areas unmatched levels of oral rejuvenation. You'll enjoy an impressive degree of participation as you work with Dr. Samadian to design a bespoke smile makeover that is custom-tailored to your lifestyle and goals, and works to seamlessly enhance your overall sense of facial harmony.

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What Does the Smile Makeover Involve?

A Smile Makeover in the East Bay area with Dr. Samadian is not one single procedure, but a customized series of cosmetic and restorative treatments that will repair your teeth, correct your bite, and generally enhance your overall sense of oral health. While each bespoke Smile Makeover plan is unique, conventional treatments in a smile reconstruction program usually include procedures like dental implants, crowns, and veneers, which fit on top of broken or damaged teeth to repair any present issues.

Your Smile Makeover will be tailored to your specific oral concerns, and you'll enjoy an impressive level of collaboration with Dr. Samadian as you design your bespoke treatment plan. Working with a world-class master ceramist enables Dr. Samadian to create perfectly mimetic results, designing a smile that artfully matches your personality and meets your goals with an unparalleled level of precision.

Beautiful woman with long curly hair smiling, wearing bright red lipstick

Dr. Samadian speaking with a smile makeover patient

Your Smile Makeover with Dr. Samadian

Smile makeover testimonial in San Francisco

Smile Makeover Patient Testimonial

"The office is high tech. I’d call it a Tesla of dentistry. No judgement, efficient and high quality care, great people. Highly recommend it."

When It's Time to Upgrade Your Smile

Dr. Samadian's Smile Makeover is designed to address the natural wear and tear that your teeth experience, while also ensuring that you'll enjoy ideal oral health for years to come. Considered by many to be a "designer" solution to a variety of oral health issues, the Smile Makeover utilizes the skills of a world-class master ceramist, along with Dr. Samadian's finely-honed aesthetic inclination. This enables him to create a fully revitalized smile that is designed according to your personality and comprehensively restores your dental well-being.

With a Smile Makeover in the East Bay, you can:

  • Enjoy perfectly matched veneers
  • Improve bite functionality
  • Straighten minor misalignments
  • Proactively avoid future oral health issues
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Dr. Samadian and his team set themselves apart from other practitioners through their commitment to advanced techniques and artistically motivated results. With each procedure, Dr. Samadian calls on over a decade of procedural experience to create outcomes that are truly world-class.

Through preventative and proactive dentistry, Dr. Samadian and his team work to save their patients time, money, and unnecessary treatments through an unmatched brand of advanced comprehensive dentistry.

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Life Changing Smile Makeovers by Dr. Samadian

“Amazing doctor! Knows all the areas of dentistry from cosmetic to Implants. For me being a model it’s very important who to trust as my dentist and it took me a long time to find Dr. Samadian. Plus he has the most advanced dental office as far as technologies that I’ve ever seen.”

- Vivian C.

Your Bespoke Smile Makeover Procedure

Smile Evaluation

Dr. Samadian will photographically evaluate your smile, examining everything from your speaking ability to your bite functionality. This will help him understand the existing state of your oral health, so he can better chart a path to your ideal smile. Together, you'll explore your options for correction and enhancement and develop your one-of-a-kind treatment plan.

Mockup Design

Before your new smile is created, Dr. Samadian will design a smile mock-up to ensure that you're happy with your upcoming results. He and his team will use multiple color layers to ensure a natural shade that perfectly blends in with the rest of your teeth, before your new smile is meticulously produced by a highly sought-after master ceramist.

Your Customized Smile

After your preparation, a temporary smile will be worn for approximately one month, before the final veneers are created and placed. Your veneers will be handcrafted by one of the most accomplished ceramists in the world, ensuring seamless integration with the rest of your smile. Dr. Samadian's Smile Makeover in San Francisco offers an unparalleled level of customization, for unmatched results.

Dr. Samadian’s Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Samadian and his team elevate themselves through their commitment to state-of-the-art technology and highly advanced techniques, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive dental care possible.

With his extensive training and over ten years of clinical dentistry experience, Dr. Samadian is proud to offer a comprehensive complement of procedures. Not only will he address any present oral health issues, but he and his team will proactively ensure that you're able to avoid additional problems in the future.

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Enjoy a Fully Rehabilitated Smile

After a smile reconstruction treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy a more functional and aesthetically pleasing smile, with fully restored tooth structure and a comprehensively enhanced sense of facial harmony. Dr. Samadian and his team have been creating world-class results for patients in the San Francisco and East Bay areas, and the Smile Makeover involves a high level of both artistic and procedural precision to produce outcomes that are simply beyond compare.

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