Recreate the natural contour of your gums and jaw

In this case, ridge augmentation may be a good decision. It can reconstruct the original height and width of your alveolar ridge so a dental implant can be effectively placed.

What is a ridge augmentation?

Also known as alveolar ridge repair, ridge augmentation is a routine dental treatment that is usually completed after a tooth extraction to recreate the original shape of the gums and jaw that may have disappeared as a result of tooth extraction or for a separate reason.

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Reasons for ridge augmentation

Dr. Amin Samadian and his team in San Francisco may suggest ridge augmentation if you have teeth that have fallen out or that have been surgically removed and are planning to receive dental implants, but the bone is not strong enough to hold the implant. You may also benefit from this treatment if you have broken or damaged alveoli, as it can fill empty cavities with a bone graft. In the event you can’t obtain dental implants because of low bone density or lack of bone, ridge augmentation is ideal.

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What does ridge augmentation involve?

During ridge augmentation, Dr. Admin Samadian and his team will set a tissue or bone graft to permeate the empty space from your absent tooth and create a healthy foundation for your dental implants. They usually perform this procedure immediately after tooth extraction surgery to minimize the risk of severe bone loss, but it can also be performed independently of an extraction.

Once Dr. Amin Samadian’s team places the grafting substance into the alveolus, your gums will be precisely sutured over it to guarantee proper healing. After the sockets have fully recuperated, they can prepare your alveolar ridge for dental implants.


Is ridge augmentation painful?

Ridge augmentation is completed under local anesthesia so you will not experience any discomfort.

What results will I see?

After alveolar ridge repair, you can enjoy a renewed alveolar ridge that looks great and/or is prepared for a dental implant procedure.

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