What are same-day veneers? 

Dr. Amin Samadian and his team are proud to offer patients a vast upgrade to the traditional veneer procedure: same-day veneers. Same-day veneers, or composite veneers, require a much shorter process and can help you achieve a bright new smile in less than an hour. Thanks to the use of an on-site digital dental lab, as well as highly advanced CAD/CAM 3D printing technology, Dr. Samadian can correct the overall size and shape of your teeth, while also significantly improving their coloring according to your personal specifications. This world-class procedure provides his local and international patients with unmatched results, addressing dental issues at their root cause.

What are the benefits of same-day veneers? 

  • Fast results (same day)
  • A beautiful, natural-looking smile
  • Naturally whiter-looking teeth
  • Achieves perfectly shaped and sized teeth
  • Veneers are easy to care for and maintain
  • Cause little or no damage to the natural enamel 
  • Are more cost-effective than traditional porcelain veneers
  • Provide lasting, natural results for 10 years or more
  • Can be used to correct your bite alignment 
  • Closes small gaps between the teeth and covers chipped or cracked teeth
  • Provides a natural feel and appearance 
  • Are customized to fit perfectly  
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Am I a candidate for same day veneers?

Traditional veneers often require multiple visits, as they must be milled and created off-site. Thanks to Dr. Samadian’s on-site dental lab and commitment to cutting-edge technology, same-day veneers allow his patients to enjoy the luxury and convenience that comes with correcting certain oral issues in a single visit.

You’re a great candidate for our same-day veneers in East Bay if you’re interested in addressing:

  • Tooth gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Biting and chewing problems
  • Minor misalignments
  • Chipped or damaged teeth
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"Dr. Samadian and his team are the best. He actually is the best dentist I’ve met, and I have met quite a few."

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With nearly a decade of training and experience informing his practice, Dr. Amin Samadian has spent years creating his patients' ideal results. His proprietary brand of comprehensive dentistry combines multiple specialties under a single philosophy, for the most advanced preventative oral care available.

Dr. Amin Samadian and his team are excited to bring you in line with your ideal sense of facial harmony, thanks to an impressive array of advanced procedures offered at their San Francisco and East Bay offices.

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Creating Your Veneers with Unmatched Accuracy

Dr. Samadian uses highly advanced, computer-aided imaging and manufacturing technologies to create your veneers in a single office visit. By integrating a tiny intraoral camera, 3D imaging, specialized software, and an in-office milling machine, we can streamline the veneer process, sparing you time and funds while building a natural and attractive smile.

Before the process begins, Dr. Samadian’s team will show you a mock-up of your new smile, discussing with you the potential size, color, and shape of your teeth.

You’ll use a highly accurate before-and-after 3D design to explore the details of your new veneers, so you can know exactly what your results will look like.

Once you’re happy with the mock-up, Dr. Samadian and his team will create your veneers in their on-site lab. As you wait for your restorations to be fabricated in the milling machine, he’ll remove a tiny amount of enamel so he can securely bond the veneers in position once they’ve been built. Then your veneers will be applied and you’ll be ready to enjoy your gorgeous teeth.

I came to see Dr. Samadian because I had a broken front tooth. To repair the damaged tooth and a couple of surrounding teeth, I got porcelain veneers. I received outstanding care from Dr. Samadian and his staff.

Susan J.

Advanced Comfort, Ideal Results

Same-day veneers don’t involve any pain or discomfort. On the contrary, most of our patients tell us this treatment is engaging and pleasant. If you need any help staying comfortable during your procedure, just let a member of our team know and we’ll make sure you’re relaxed.

Pristine Veneers Without the Wait

After you receive your new veneers, you’ll enjoy straighter, better-looking teeth and a whiter, more vibrant smile. Same-day veneers in San Francisco help you correct both cosmetic and functional issues, fully restoring your bite and creating a smile that perfectly enhances your sense of facial harmony.

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