Treat Gum Recession without Surgery

Gum recession is a well-known dental concern that can cause cosmetic issues and may potentially even lead to future dental problems if left untreated. If you’re looking for a solution to gum recession that doesn’t involve surgery or comes with any kind of significant downtime, pinhole gum lifting is an excellent choice. 

Dr. Amin Samadian and his team perform pinhole gum lifting for patients in the San Francisco and East Bay areas who are interested in comfortably tackling gum recession and maintaining their lifelong dental health. They've remained on the leading edge of comprehensive dentistry for years now and are excited to learn how they can help you enjoy a complete sense of oral health.

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Your Minimally Invasive Gum Restoration

Pinhole gum lifting in San Francisco is a non-surgical treatment that can address gum recession, exposed tooth roots, or other cosmetic dental concerns. It’s commonly referred to as a minimally invasive gum lift.

In many cases, gum recession is caused by issues like aggressive brushing, misaligned teeth, teeth grinding, or gum disease. It can also be possible, however, for these issues to be simply caused by your genetic makeup, with inflammation and gum tissue loss being more or less out of your control.

Dr. Samadian and his highly trained staff often suggest the pinhole surgical technique as an alternative to more traditional tissue grafting and gum surgery. This can restore your smile’s cosmetic appearance while also helping you avoid any painful issues in the future.

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State-of-the-Art Gum Rehabilitation

Dr. Samadian and his team are proud to offer a number of treatments that can adequately stop the onset of gum recession, enabling you to avoid more serious issues like bone tissue loss and other problems in the future. During your consultation, Dr. Samadian will help you explore your options and settle on the procedure that is perfect for your needs. You're likely a great candidate for pinhole gum lifting if you're in need of a solution to receding gums but would like to explore alternatives to traditional gum grafting procedures.

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Comprehensive, Advanced Dentistry

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Dr. Samadian's Advanced Technique

During your minimally invasive gum lift, Dr. Samadian will create a small “pinhole” incision into your gums. A tiny device will then be used to gently reposition your gum tissue by pulling it down and producing a healthier, more attractive gum line.

Additionally, artificial graft materials may be added. This eliminates the need for further grafting while also encouraging your body's natural production of collagen so you can regrow your own gum tissue.

The pinhole surgical technique enables Dr. Samadian to ensure that your gumline is adequately protecting the roots of your teeth. This helps avoid serious gum disease, decreases tooth sensitivity, and generally keeps your mouth protected from the development of oral issues.

Small "collagen sticks" will also be added during the procedure. These contribute to the tissue regeneration process and enable you to enjoy a healthy gum line that shows off an attractive tooth-to-gum ratio.

Because pinhole gum lifting in San Francisco involves a local anesthetic and is performed without cuts or sutures, anyone undergoing the treatment can expect a surprisingly comfortable experience. During your consultation, Dr. Samadian can give you an accurate idea of what you can expect.

Following a minimally invasive gum lift, you’ll enjoy a more beautiful smile and healthier teeth and gums.

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Enjoy Healthy, Vibrant Gums

Maintaining healthy gums is vital for the preservation of your overall sense of dental health, but it can also enhance your smile's cosmetic beauty, as well. Receding gums can cause patients to be uncomfortable with the appearance of their smiles, while also contributing to the development of serious and uncomfortable oral health issues. Pinhole gum lifting is just one of the procedures offered by Dr. Samadian and his team to help you restore your healthy gum line and enjoy an improved sense of dental well-being.

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