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With corresponding full-mouth rehabilitation and smile rejuvenation procedures, you can completely restore your full oral function and enjoy a glowing, beautiful smile once more. This procedure improves your sense of dental well-being through a customized combination of treatments, and Dr. Samadian is proud to provide full mouth rehabilitation at his San Francisco and East Bay offices.

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Comprehensive Oral Restoration

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction removes all previous dental work and tooth decay, replacing it with brand new dental work to improve your smile. It addresses dental problems like chipped teeth, disproportionate tooth wear, a history of bulimia, various fillings, absent teeth, and bite misalignment.

Procedures in one of our full-mouth rehabilitation treatments usually include:

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Proactive Care with Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Ideal Candidates

Full-mouth reconstruction in East Bay may work for you if you are missing multiple teeth, have enamel hypoplasia, have badly worn teeth due to bad habits like smoking or bruxism, or have teeth with large fillings and severe tooth decay.

Cosmetic Concerns

If your concerns are more cosmetic, smile rejuvenation can also tighten spaces and gaps, reduce chips and irregularities, improve the appearance of stains and discoloration, and improve an overly “gummy” smile.

Proactive Dental Care

Many patients proactively seek out full-mouth rehabilitation to save time and money by addressing nascent issues and avoiding future procedures. Over time, tooth wear, erosion, recession, and other unaddressed problems can work against your oral health.

Functional Restoration

By performing full-mouth rehab, Dr. Samadian’s team is able to bring back any structure that's been lost over time and restore the function of your mouth to its fullest capacity. Issues with biting, chewing, and talking will be fully resolved.

Integrated Art, Science, and Technology

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For over a decade, Dr. Amin Samadian and his team have been providing patients with next-generation comprehensive dentistry at his San Francisco and East Bay offices.

Through a combination of extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and a finely tuned artistic inclination, Dr. Samadian is able to produce results that are unparalleled, and has placed himself at the forefront of his field.

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A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Overview

Dr. Samadian and his team will perform multiple exams to determine the scope of the damage to your gums and teeth. All tests will be performed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that he has the most accurate information possible. He’ll then craft your treatment plan and create a digital smile design that best addresses your issues.

Thanks to the customizability of our full-mouth reconstruction, your results will be unique to you and your needs. The reconstruction or rehabilitation method may include a mixture of restorative dental treatments, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, TMD treatment, orthodontics, bruxism treatment, oral surgery, periodontal treatment, and more.

Of course, the exact procedures you receive will depend on your needs, your current oral health, and other factors. All treatments will be performed in-office, utilizing the most technologically advanced devices available, to ensure the greatest possible results. With our in-house digital lab and 3D printing technology, we can reduce the time of this process from several months to only a few sessions. 

Advanced Care, for Advanced Comfort

Few practitioners are able to offer the level of excellence provided by Dr. Amin Samadian and his team. Stepping into his San Francisco office sets you on a path to comprehensive oral wellness, thanks to his brand of advanced and proactive dentistry. 

While each procedure is unique, Dr. Samadian relies on next-generation technology, advanced techniques, and a world-class staff to ensure reliably luxurious and attractive results for every patient.

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Enjoy a Perfect, Pristine Smile

Your full mouth reconstruction treatment in San Francisco will imbue you with ideal oral health, and often greatly improves our patients' overall quality of life. Dr. Samadian reliably creates world-class results for patients, thanks to his extensive experience and a sense of artistic inclination developed over the course of several years. If you're ready to experience life with a fully enhanced sense of oral health and facial harmony, Dr. Samadian and his team await your visit.

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