Same-Day Crowns

A comfortable, acceptable alternative to traditional crowns

Dental crowns are caps that fit on top of your teeth and can restore their size and shape, strengthen them, or heighten their function. If you need a dental crown but lead a busy lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Amin Samadian provides CEREC same-day crowns in his San Francisco office. With CEREC same-day crowns, you can obtain the crowns you require in just one day. You don’t have to spread out your dental crown work over many weeks or multiple appointments. 

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What are same-day crowns?

CEREC same-day crowns can permit you to receive dental crowns in just one 90-minute session. With CEREC, you won’t need to plan for multiple office visits, dental impressions, any temporary crowns, or waiting weeks for your dental lab work to come back. Your new restoration is created and customized to your exact smile specifications all on the very same day!

Why get same-day crowns?

Dr. Amin Samadian and his San Francisco team may suggest CEREC same-day crowns if you have an absent tooth or tooth decay that can’t be filled. This approach may also be ideal for you if you require coverage for dental implants, rehabilitation after a root canal, or have a tooth that is damaged, soft, worn down, or irreversibly stained.

A CEREC single visit crown provides much more than just a convenient path to getting a dental crown. It presents high quality, naturally gorgeous, durable, and long-lasting dental restoration using full-porcelain restorations!

Integrated Art, Science, and Technology

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What do same-day crowns involve?

To produce same-day crowns, Dr. Amin Samadian uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology, making it possible to design, fit, manufacture, and install a dental crown in just one visit. CEREC eradicates the need for messy impression trays and creates custom and natural-looking dental restoration. The whole process takes about two hours.

All the crowns are custom colored using unique features of your teeth to ensure they blend in with the rest of your mouth, and they are extremely conservative since we are able to deliver crowns as thin as .8 mm. In many cases, if you have previous fillings that have to be upgraded to crowns, Dr. Samadian’s team won’t need to touch any of your “good” tooth structure and only the previous filling and the weakened tooth structure will be replaced

Do same-day crowns hurt?

Since local anesthesia is given before the CEREC same-day crown treatment, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort. Compared to a regular crown treatment, CEREC is far more pleasant.

What results will I see?

CEREC same-day crowns can provide you with stronger, whiter, healthier, and/or properly shaped teeth.

What Our Patients Say About Us

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I could not recommend Dr. Samadian more – AND all of his staff, at that! No longer will I mind or be afraid of going to the dentist.


It’s a completely transformative kind of practice…it was a terrific experience. 


Very informative, patient and sensitive to your needs. Very focused, and desires to ensure it’s done properly the first time.