Retainers and Guards

Maintain your beautiful smile and protect your teeth

After you go through the process of having braces or Invisalign, you want to make sure that your perfect teeth and gorgeous smile endure for as long as it can. The most reliable way to do so is by wearing a custom retainer at night that will stop your teeth from shifting back to their original, crooked positions. 

A guard is also significant, as it can prevent injury to your teeth and existing dental work, especially while you’re playing sports or participating in other activities. You can trust Dr. Amin Samadian to recommend a 3D-printed retainer or guard to keep your teeth in great shape.

What are retainers and guards?

Essentially, a retainer is a plastic orthodontic appliance that is custom-fit to your teeth and can help reposition or hold them in place after you complete orthodontic treatment. They can either be removable or permanently attached to your mouth. You can determine with Dr. Samadian which option will work best for you. 

A guard is a flexible appliance that can protect your teeth during athletic and recreational activities. Unlike retainers, guards don’t prevent the teeth from moving naturally within your mouth. However, guards can prevent teeth movement from outside factors, like tooth grinding or sports participation. 

Reasons for retainers and guards

A retainer or guard may be a great choice for you if you have a dental concern like crooked teeth, protruding teeth, tooth grinding or tinnitus, or gaps in your teeth. It’s also recommended for patients after a tooth straightening treatment like braces and Invisalign or who lead a very active lifestyle.

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What do retainers and guards involve?

Getting a retainer or guard is a straightforward process. After assessing your unique teeth and treatment goals, Dr. Amin Samadian will provide you with a custom retainer or guard and detailed instructions on how to use it. If you receive a detachable retainer, you’ll start out wearing it all day and eventually transition to nights only.

Are retainers and guards painful?

While a retainer or guard may take some getting used to initially, it won’t be painful. Once your teeth and gums have become acclimated to it, you should be able to wear it as instructed with no discomfort. 

What results will I see?

By wearing a retainer or guard as directed by Dr. Amin Samadian, you can experience straight teeth and a beautiful smile that lasts and/or may resolve a variety of dental issues.

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