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Head and neck pain can take a severe toll on your life, especially if it’s constant. Headaches, migraines, neck pain, myofascial pain, and trigger points all over the body can lead to chronic pain, limited range of motion, and make it tricky to get through the day. 

If you are struggling with any of these chronic pain conditions and are searching for a minimally-invasive treatment option, BOTOX for head and neck pain at the San Francisco office of Dr. Amin Samadian may be a good option for you.

What is BOTOX for head & neck pain?

While BOTOX is often used to combat fine lines and wrinkles, it can also be safely used to treat pain in the head, neck and across the body. BOTOX is a brand name for a compound that contains a purified chemical called botulinum toxin and comes from bacteria. It has the ability to freeze the function of your muscles, decrease your pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. 

Reasons for BOTOX for head & neck pain

BOTOX can be used to relieve several uncomfortable conditions in the head and neck, including: 

Headaches and Migraines: If you have migraines and other headaches, you may be a good fit for botulinum toxin for migraines, especially if you haven’t found relief through medications or other migraine treatments.

Neck Pain: BOTOX may be a viable treatment option if you’re dealing with neck pain that won’t seem to go away with other traditional measures like rest and pain medications and you’d like to avoid surgery.

Myofascial/Referred Pain: Dr. Samadian and his team of experts will use advanced diagnosis techniques to determine if BOTOX is a good option for you after completing a meticulous examination of all the muscular complexes that are accountable for the symptoms.

Trigger Points: If you are coping with trigger points and have not found success with other methods such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, or steroid injections, trigger point therapy with BOTOX may be suggested by Dr. Amin Samadian which can greatly relieve they symptoms.

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What does BOTOX for head & neck pain involve?

During a treatment, Dr. Amin Samadian’s team will carefully inject the BOTOX into the treatment area. The injection will work its magic by preventing the signals that lead to your head or neck pain. 

Does BOTOX for Head & Neck Pain hurt?

Since Dr. Amin Samadian’s team uses very fine needles, the treatment is relatively painless. If you’re concerned about pain from the injection, he can numb the site with a topical anesthetic.

What results will I see?

Results will vary depending on the area treated, but you can expect to see results from the injections to last about 3 months. It is important to note that results may not be instantaneous, and it may take between 1-3 weeks to see optimal results. However, you can expect to feel relief from your head or neck pain

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