Want to know more about a dental bridge? Do you want to revamp your smile and fill in the open gaps? Well, you are not the only one. Modern dental treatments can solve those issues with ease.

Dr. Amin Samadian ensures the ultimate dental bridge for patients who want to get their jaw function back on track. This is a quick and simple guideline on the basics of getting a dental bridge. Interested in figuring out the ins and outs of having a dental bridge? Check out this basic guide here. Dr. Amin Samadian is situated in San Francisco and provides patients with dental care across the larger city metro. 

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Dental Bridges – What Is It, Exactly?

  • Use: designed to accommodate elastic flexure when chewing or under higher friction. 
  • Materials: full porcelain, or ceramic metal combination (e.g. gold, silver, palladium, chromium, and cobalt).

Dr. Samadian shares how each dental bridge plays a valuable component in your oral health and everyday life. How it can restore that gorgeous smile and teeth function. With a dental bridge, you are getting a false tooth.

This pontic is meant to provide a comfortable surface that won’t allow debris or leftover food to get inside that open gap. What’s unique about a dental bridge is that the product is supposed to mimic a natural tooth. Therefore, every time you smile, the bridge just seamlessly blends in. 

What Makes a Dental Bridge Different From Other Options?

The main appeal to a dental bridge is its easy process to make without undergoing surgery. They can last for a minimum of 10 years. Bridges are easy to take care of since you will be brushing them like natural teeth. This makes dental bridges a practical, durable, and convenient way to replace a missing natural tooth. 

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Should I Go For Dental Implants Instead?

When you lose a tooth, it is crucial to have that gap filled in. It will help with tooth alignment and maintain the facial shape. The two most popular choices are bridges and dental implants. A dental bridge is meant to cover the tooth. Whereas dental implants is placed into the jawbone. 

Dental implants are a better long-term strategy. They can last 15 years or more. A dental bridge must get replaced every 5-7 years. But, as previously mentioned, it too can last for 10 years. The only major difference is the treatment. Dental bridges don’t need invasive surgery or bone grafting. If you want faster results at a cheaper price, then a dental bridge is the way to go. But, if you can pay higher upfront costs to get a more lasting treatment, then dental implants can come in handy.

Overall, they are both equally beneficial options for replacing missing teeth. They are meant to revamp your smile and give you a more natural-looking appearance. For Dr. Samadian, your gum tissue state and jaw bone health are his top priority. Regardless of the procedure you select, you will always get excellent results. Together with his dental team, Dr. Samadian ensures top-quality dental treatment. 

Why Do I Need One?

There are multiple reasons you should consider getting a dental bridge. Dr. Samadian’s primary goal is to ensure optimal oral health. But, when you leave the gaps from a missing tooth open for too long, you will start experiencing some problems. 

Your teeth will begin to hurt. Bacteria and plaque will keep piling up, and the leftover debris can trigger significant discomfort. To top it all off, the empty space will leave an area for the teeth to shift and move. Increasing the chance of them moving out of their normal position. That’s why you should consider a dental bridge if you’ve recently lost a tooth. 

However, if you are experiencing advanced gum disease, then Dr. Samadian suggests you treat your gum tissue first before considering bridges or dental implants. Remember, the more you leave the gum disease to spread, the bigger the chances of it damaging the surrounding teeth. So, you may end up losing more teeth in the long-haul. 

In other cases, a dental bridge can be useful for patients who want to replace a highly misshapen or discolored tooth. The dental bridge will boost your confidence and help you smile again. 

Dr. Amin Samadian will make sure you get only the best quality dentures in the area. So, you get to show off your teeth with pride. 

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